After reading alot of books. After helping alot of people, one can assume one striking trait of human nature: It is all habits. We are not 90 percent habits and 10 percent something else. It is a solid 100. Well why do you say this? Isnt there a person in there? How can we change ourselves then?

These questions are probably what life is all about. A large chunk of internet revolves around these types of questions. Its probably the most beautiful riddle in the world.

Anyway. This blog will try to ask questions:

How can we be happy?

How can we change to be happy?

How can we identify what to change?

How can we change it?

There is a pletora of different views on these questions. Just get busy on the internet to see. I believe that there are some really important things one can do, and that is tracking and measuring.

Say, you want to change some aspect of yourself, such as getting from strong to weak (people dedicate their lives to this). The most effective way is to lift something off the ground, measure it and repeat. So simple. When you have measured this, you start tracking. You know what you did last time. You strive to do it just a little bit better the next time in increments. After some time doing this, such as a month, a year or a decade youve gotten better. Presumably alot better (if youve followed the tracking and the measuring). This is so simple, yet so hard for people to understand. Sure you will be better, but how can you know? Only by being consistent on tracking and measuring.


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