Where will this lead?

First post. Im going to write all this standing. Im going to write high quality posts consistently. Im going to strive to be as healthy as possible while I do this. This is going to be forever. Im going to be famous. Im going to be famous fast. Its not going to take me long to get better. Im going to change all my habits. Im going to change them fast. This is going to be effortless. This is going to be read.

I could have continued this charade of words. However I know that they are not true. Not necessarily anyway. Why are they not true? Because we can not predict the future. I decided to create this page as a whim. Why? Because it has been on my mind for a very long time. I read alot you see. I read other quality blogposters, such as Seth Godin. He tells you to just begin. Create something he tells you. Well so I do. Every newly created blog has a creator. And every creator is a human being. It is social in nature. People want other people to listen.

What is this blog going to be about? Health. Me, myself, I, are a health practictioner. I help people for my daily living. I try to reason people out of their misery. Sometimes I fail, sometimes I do not. The real reason to write this is to help myself. As we all do. Whatever we say to ourselves.

What type of health? Well, everything that helps people battle demons. It can be “bad” habits, new studies such as “the benefits of eating fruits and vegetables for happiness” or maybe random musings inspired by what other people write. Because life is inherently a copy of what other people do. Creativity is connecting the dots. Wisely said by Steve Jobs.


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