Tracking behavior to change

There is bliss in tracking something over time. In this I mean a bliss of seeing yourself change and becoming aware. Lets say you spend too much money. You track it over time, become aware, and then you stop wasting money on the unrecognizable small stuff.

What should be tracked? This is a great question. The question is arguably only limited by the imagination. You can now track an amazing number of things such as steps, heartrate, and sleep. But what about every pushup you take, or, every time you log on to facebook? You can also track how much time you spend watching television or how much time you look at the news. Then after seeing how much time invested – ask yourself “Will these behaviors make my life any better in the long term?.”

The reason for tracking is to become aware. To become aware is a good thing because then you ultimately know where your time go, where your life is leading and how you actually spend your time – “Wow now I know why I dont have time to exercise, why I am fat and why I am unhappy with my life.”

I argue that proficiency in time-awareness is one of the most important qualities one can have in life. I also believe thats what separate people. What you spend your time on, and how you spend your time – that is important things to consider. It is also a simple idea, but most of us tend to forget it in our everyday lives.


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