Going around 10000 corners instead

Are you listening to other people? Shouldism, couldism, wouldism – you cant! Those are populare isms. It is glaringly ovious that many people, great people, followed their own way. Hell even these words is from someone following his own way. They may sound stupid, they may feel stupid. They may even make no sense! However, if I had listened to my own mind, this blog would not even have started. And if I continue writing everyday, suddenly all those posts would compound to hundreds, even a thousand. Imagine how much practice that is. Then maybe the book you once dreamed of writing could start becoming a reality. It is obvious that whats successful start with many small, unoticable steps. But those steps turns into a marathon, something big. And suddenly you have arrived at your destination. More marathons will later be easier. But stopping at the door is the easy thing, or, dreaming big (but dont you dare to do it.)

Doubt, fear, and thinking about what others might perceive of you – stops you. We all live in a prison in some way. But being a trailblazer is doing something different. Trailblazing can be small, such as going to that girl. Saying no, saying yes. Writing a blogpost a day.

Its striking how similar days can look if I dont stop myself. The answer all lies in the ability to handle psychological discomfort – and learning from it.


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