The one thing

It’s difficult starting a new habit and it’s difficult creating a blog-post every single day. There are tons of books, themes, things, “stuff,” one could write about. Sometimes I wish I were better at focusing on just one theme over time instead of many. I presume thats how most people reading self-help fail. Most people do not re-read multiple times, take time with each chapter and execute whatever advice the book gives.

I like to make thought experiments. How would my life be if I could only read one book a month (or a year?.) My habit has been to read around 2 books a week. I dont re-read, but when I do I find that i have forgotten almost every piece of advice that book gave. But some things stick. It makes me question myself. Why the hell do we have so many problems with implementing and taking action?

I sometimes feel I could just quit reading (much non-fiction is mostly recirculating old ideas) and then take a year of just taking action. But maybe the reading part itself is good. Maybe just knowing (even if you lie to yourself) that you have toolbag of productivity/self-help/habitmodifying/mindaltering tips and tricks -is a good thing in itself.


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