Daily wins or losses

I wonder how the world would be if I suddenly stopped doing things I usually do. I wake up, go home, eat, go out and exercise, go home, read and then sleep. Sometimes I do other things. But not with too much variaton. I have this nagging feeling that usually comes by bedtime. I normally read then. But the back of my mind keeps telling me that something has to change. I usually try to change something, but things quickly revert back to ordinary habit. Books on happiness tell you to be grateful for the things which you have. Happiness is already “within you.”

But I refuse to acknowledge that. I want something to change every constant moment. I wonder how to change. The answers are in the books which I read. They tell you do to microhabits, they tell you to take it gradually, to track, to make a list of certain long-term or small-term goals. I dont know and nobody probably ever will be able to figure out how to live life, to crack the code of change. Maybe it all boils down to taking things with ease. Make incremental changes in your day, such as writing daily blogposts (I forgot yesterday), or maybe save a little bit each day (I do it in index-funds). I know the effects of these things will not show after weeks or months. But what about after years? The money I monthly invest will eventually grow. The words written on these posts will also eventually do something. Maybe they make me more aware – or a better skilled writer? Maybe they will someday contribute to me writing a book? Or maybe they will end in quiet desperation. Who knows.


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