Title? I dont even want to write!

So I should be tracking my happiness. But guess what? I just came back from work and its already in the evening. Sometimes when we plan, we plan when energy is high, sleep is good from the day before and we have lots of motivation. But sometimes, we get home. We do not want to do anything. Just exist. Wait for another day. Look at some television. Make the day go past. But I think its a wise thing to show up, to write, exercise or do whatever that is going to be beneficial for the future. After I came back from work I turned on the computer, edited some pictures, put up a blogpost (on an entirely different blog) and then logged on to my other blog to write this. So here you have it. Maybe not the best text, or not the most inspirational. But I guess it will do it for me. I have succeeded in doing my promises (which is post every day. Or nearly..)


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