Happy day 3 – Relaxation

Did 5 calm.com’s yesterday. Felt nice! Today has been a day at work. Did not feel as stressed as I did last week. Maybe because I did meditation? I dont know. Ill find out soon, because today I am going to continue it. Only with two though. Today’s task is going to be editing photos, posting on this blog and taking a jog. Ive done all three.

Anyways, I wonder how this blog is going to turn out. It all started as some nonsense self-help and it quickly turned into a personal diary of some sorts.

I like continuity of things. Such as this, where I am able to discover or perhaps exercise my ability to use my own voice in words. I normally write in another language, Norwegian, but I mostly read in English. Ive also noticed that im more tuned into what I am reading at the moment. Looking at styles, new words, and how things look on a page. Life often turns beautiful when you see everything as a craft that you can practice. Such as mindfulness, writing, talking, working, attention, etc. I love it.


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