Happy day two – Struggle

I struggled yesterday. I didn’t manage the task I set myself out to do. The task was 5 meditations. I stopped at two and delayed them so long that the clock suddenly turned 3am. But today is a new day. It’s sunday and “I’m feeling good”. Well sort of. Today I am going to pick up where I left and do 5 guided meditations. I am also going to write down some other quests or “happiness” pursuits to use later. The reason for this daily habit I am trying to create is to create other beneficial habits such as:

Being goal-oriented, writing more, writing blogposts, using what I read in my daily life, being kinder, sleeping better, etc. What we all want really.

So lets begin.


Title? I dont even want to write!

So I should be tracking my happiness. But guess what? I just came back from work and its already in the evening. Sometimes when we plan, we plan when energy is high, sleep is good from the day before and we have lots of motivation. But sometimes, we get home. We do not want to do anything. Just exist. Wait for another day. Look at some television. Make the day go past. But I think its a wise thing to show up, to write, exercise or do whatever that is going to be beneficial for the future. After I came back from work I turned on the computer, edited some pictures, put up a blogpost (on an entirely different blog) and then logged on to my other blog to write this. So here you have it. Maybe not the best text, or not the most inspirational. But I guess it will do it for me. I have succeeded in doing my promises (which is post every day. Or nearly..)

Daily wins or losses

I wonder how the world would be if I suddenly stopped doing things I usually do. I wake up, go home, eat, go out and exercise, go home, read and then sleep. Sometimes I do other things. But not with too much variaton. I have this nagging feeling that usually comes by bedtime. I normally read then. But the back of my mind keeps telling me that something has to change. I usually try to change something, but things quickly revert back to ordinary habit. Books on happiness tell you to be grateful for the things which you have. Happiness is already “within you.”

But I refuse to acknowledge that. I want something to change every constant moment. I wonder how to change. The answers are in the books which I read. They tell you do to microhabits, they tell you to take it gradually, to track, to make a list of certain long-term or small-term goals. I dont know and nobody probably ever will be able to figure out how to live life, to crack the code of change. Maybe it all boils down to taking things with ease. Make incremental changes in your day, such as writing daily blogposts (I forgot yesterday), or maybe save a little bit each day (I do it in index-funds). I know the effects of these things will not show after weeks or months. But what about after years? The money I monthly invest will eventually grow. The words written on these posts will also eventually do something. Maybe they make me more aware – or a better skilled writer? Maybe they will someday contribute to me writing a book? Or maybe they will end in quiet desperation. Who knows.

Tracking behavior to change

There is bliss in tracking something over time. In this I mean a bliss of seeing yourself change and becoming aware. Lets say you spend too much money. You track it over time, become aware, and then you stop wasting money on the unrecognizable small stuff.

What should be tracked? This is a great question. The question is arguably only limited by the imagination. You can now track an amazing number of things such as steps, heartrate, and sleep. But what about every pushup you take, or, every time you log on to facebook? You can also track how much time you spend watching television or how much time you look at the news. Then after seeing how much time invested – ask yourself “Will these behaviors make my life any better in the long term?.”

The reason for tracking is to become aware. To become aware is a good thing because then you ultimately know where your time go, where your life is leading and how you actually spend your time – “Wow now I know why I dont have time to exercise, why I am fat and why I am unhappy with my life.”

I argue that proficiency in time-awareness is one of the most important qualities one can have in life. I also believe thats what separate people. What you spend your time on, and how you spend your time – that is important things to consider. It is also a simple idea, but most of us tend to forget it in our everyday lives.


After reading alot of books. After helping alot of people, one can assume one striking trait of human nature: It is all habits. We are not 90 percent habits and 10 percent something else. It is a solid 100. Well why do you say this? Isnt there a person in there? How can we change ourselves then?

These questions are probably what life is all about. A large chunk of internet revolves around these types of questions. Its probably the most beautiful riddle in the world.

Anyway. This blog will try to ask questions:

How can we be happy?

How can we change to be happy?

How can we identify what to change?

How can we change it?

There is a pletora of different views on these questions. Just get busy on the internet to see. I believe that there are some really important things one can do, and that is tracking and measuring.

Say, you want to change some aspect of yourself, such as getting from strong to weak (people dedicate their lives to this). The most effective way is to lift something off the ground, measure it and repeat. So simple. When you have measured this, you start tracking. You know what you did last time. You strive to do it just a little bit better the next time in increments. After some time doing this, such as a month, a year or a decade youve gotten better. Presumably alot better (if youve followed the tracking and the measuring). This is so simple, yet so hard for people to understand. Sure you will be better, but how can you know? Only by being consistent on tracking and measuring.

Where will this lead?

First post. Im going to write all this standing. Im going to write high quality posts consistently. Im going to strive to be as healthy as possible while I do this. This is going to be forever. Im going to be famous. Im going to be famous fast. Its not going to take me long to get better. Im going to change all my habits. Im going to change them fast. This is going to be effortless. This is going to be read.

I could have continued this charade of words. However I know that they are not true. Not necessarily anyway. Why are they not true? Because we can not predict the future. I decided to create this page as a whim. Why? Because it has been on my mind for a very long time. I read alot you see. I read other quality blogposters, such as Seth Godin. He tells you to just begin. Create something he tells you. Well so I do. Every newly created blog has a creator. And every creator is a human being. It is social in nature. People want other people to listen.

What is this blog going to be about? Health. Me, myself, I, are a health practictioner. I help people for my daily living. I try to reason people out of their misery. Sometimes I fail, sometimes I do not. The real reason to write this is to help myself. As we all do. Whatever we say to ourselves.

What type of health? Well, everything that helps people battle demons. It can be “bad” habits, new studies such as “the benefits of eating fruits and vegetables for happiness” or maybe random musings inspired by what other people write. Because life is inherently a copy of what other people do. Creativity is connecting the dots. Wisely said by Steve Jobs.